Resume of the Californis artist, Judith Content.

Judith Content:   Resume


(Selected)         Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco,  San Francisco, CA(two works)         

                            Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY

                            Quilts Inc. Contemporary Art Quilt Collection (two works)

                            San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

                            International Shibori Collection, Nagoya, Japan

                            John M. Walsh III, Contemporary Art Quilt Collection

                            Women Beyond Borders, Contemporary Art Collection

                            Maureen and John Hendricks Art Quilt Collection

                            Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection (two works)

                            The State of New Mexico: Public Art Collection (two works)



(Selected)         Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sunnyvale, CA (2013)

                            Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Mountain View, CA (2011)

                            Tropicana Products, Bradenton, FL

                            Varian Corporation, Palo Alto, CA



2016                  15th International Triennial of Tapestry;  Invitational, Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland (May 9-Oct 30th 2016)                 


2015                 The Jury is In, Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA (April 16-July 3, 2015)

                          Judith Content Retrospective, Intuitive Symmetry 1979-2015 Texas Quilt Museum, LaGrange, TX   Curated by Sandra SiderMonograph

                          SOFA Chicago 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2011, Tansey Contemporary Gallery and the Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                         Fiber Currents / Current Fiber, Perrella Gallery, Fulton-Montgomery Community College,  Johnstown, NY.  

                            Curated by Judith Plotner. Catalogue

                         Small Works / Big Ideas Invitational   Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM


2014                  The Sky’s the Limit Quilt Visions 2014  Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA

                            quilt(R)evolution: Art Quilt Retrospective of Quilt National Jurors 1979-2014

                            Dairy Barn Art Center, Athens, OHCatalogue

                            Reinterpreting the Southwest Landscape: Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM


2013                  Collecting Treasures: Celebrating 35 Years  SJMQT, San Jose, CA

                            Recent Acquisitions from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection  Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA


2012                 SILK  The New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA

                           Thread of LifeInvitational Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University, Tallahasse, FL Catalogue: Cover Image, front and back.

                            Beyond Function, de Saisset Museum, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA


2011                   Solo Exhibition, Desert Rain – Works on Silk  Jane Sauer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM          

                            Celebration! Invitational. National Quilt Museum 20th Anniversary, Paducah, KY


2010                  To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color  de Young Museum, San Francisco, Ca

                            Quilt Visions 2010 Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, Cacatalogue

                            XHIBIT: 2010 Summer Exhibition Invitational  catalogue

                            Preston Contemporary Art Center, Mesilla, NM


2009                 Craft in America: Expanding Traditions  National touring exhibition (2007-09)

                            Complemented by a companion book (Random House)

                            and a three-part PBS television series.       

                            Art Quilt Visions Jurors Exhibition  Visions Gallery,  San Diego, CA

                            John M. Walsh III Contemporary Quilt Collection

                                 San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles


2007                 Quilt National ’07, ‘05, ‘03 and ‘01

                            Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center, Athens, OH

                           SAQA: The Creative Force2007 Catalogue

                            International Quilt Festival, Houston,


2006                 SAQA: The Creative Force 2006  Catalogue

                            International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX


2005                  Artwear: Fashion and Anti-Fashion

                            Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA

                            Exhibition sponsored by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

                            Quilt National ‘05  Catalogue

                            Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, OH

                            Subsequent touring venues


                            London: Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design

                            Harrogate: Knit and Stitch Show and Conference

                            Layers of Meaning: The Art Quilt 2005  Catalogue

                            Contemporary Crafts Museum and Gallery, Portland, OR,  Catalogue

                            The Ever-Changing Landscape

                             Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

                            World Quilt Carnival Nagoya 

                            Nagoya, Japan


2004                  Thirteen Moons Gallery,  Solo Exhibition          

                            Santa Fe, NM


2003                   Quilt National ‘03 

                            Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, OH,  Catalogue

                            Art Quilts Now,  Invitational

                            The Paine Art CenterOsh Kosh, WI

                            Quilts ?  Invitational

                            Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR,  Catalogue

                            Innovation and Tradition: Arashi-shibori,  Solo Exhibition

                            Tansu Design, San Francisco, CA


2002                 Six Continents of Quilts - The American Craft Museum Collection

                            Paine Webber Art Gallery, New York, NY,  Catalogue

                            Quilt Visions 2002

                            Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA,  Catalogue

                            Shibori Now,  International Invitational

                            Gallery Renga-kan, Yokohama, Japan

                            Thirteen Moons Gallery,   Two Person Show

                            Santa Fe, NM, September 6-30


2001                Quilt National ‘01

                           Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens, OH, Catalogue

                           Shibori: Tradition and Innovation; East to West,  International Invitational

                           Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, CA

                           Curated by Yoshiko I. Wada

                           Kimono Kinship,  Invitational

                           San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose, CA

                           Gallery Artists,  Invitational

                           Thirteen Moons Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


2000                Art Quilts: America at the Millennium,  Invitational

                           Strasbourg, France,  Curated by Robert Shaw

                           Kid’s Lit1 - 0 - Wonder,   Invitational

                           Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto, CA


1999                Three Person Invitational Solo Exhibition Space

                           Thirteen Moons Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

                           ELEMENTS,  Three Person Invitational

                           San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles,  San Jose, CA


1998                 VISIONS: Quilt Expressions  

                           Museum of San Diego History, San Diego, CA  


1997                 The Kimono Update,  Invitational

                           The Gayle Willson Gallery, Southampton, N.Y.


 1996                The Kimono Inspiration: Art and Art to Wear in America,  Invitational

                           The Textile Museum, Washington, D.C.,  Publication

                           Kimonos and Constructions,  Solo Exhibition

                           Santa Clara County Arts Commission, San Jose, CA


1995                 DIVERSITY!,   Juried Exhibition in conjunction with the Studio Art Quilt

                           Association Conference at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts,

                           Gaitlinburg, Tenn.  Catalogue and subsequent travel schedule included

                           The American Museum of Quilts and Textiles, San Jose, CA

                           Art Quilts,  SAQA Professional Members

                           Museum of the American Quilter’s Society, Paducah, Kentucky.


1994                 Art Quilt International,  Invitational

                           Mountain View Civic Center Gallery, Mountain View, CA  

                           Sponsored by Penny Nii Quilt Art

                           100 of the Best, Invitational

                           In conjunction with the City of Palo Alto Centennial, Palo Alto, CA


1993                  The Year of American Craft, Invitational

                           Syntex Gallery, Palo Alto, CA


1992                  Ikoku No Kimono - Exotic Kimono, International Invitational. In conjunction with the International Shibori Conference, Nagoya, Japan.

                           Selected artists were given a plain white silk kimono on which to apply their  individual shibori  designs.  

                            Works purchased as part of permanent collection.


1991                  Fans - The Contemporary Fan as ArtInternational Invitational

                           Arts Center of the Namur Province, Liege, Belgium


1990                 Shibori City Nagoya Exhibition,  Invitational

                           Nagoya, Japan; work purchased for permanent collection.

                           Fiber Jewelry International,  Invitational

                           The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland


1986-1987     Tafoya Gallery, Two Person Show, Los Gatos, CA


1984-85          Crafts America : Ten American Artists,  Invitational

                           Crafts Council Gallery, London, England.

                           Sponsored by the American Craft Museum, New York, NY

                           Art to Wear,   Invitational

                           United States Information Agency Tour, Sponsored by Arts America

                           and the American Crafts Museum, New York, NY.

                           Art to Wear, Invitational,  United States Information Agency Tour

                           Sponsored by Arts America and the American Crafts Museum.

                           Exhibition Tour:   Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines

                                  Celebration ‘84 - A Sense of Occasion,  Invitational

                           Toronto, Canada.  Ontario Craft Council and the American Craft Museum

                           Up FrontInvitational, Fiberworks, Berkeley, CA


1983                 Art to Wear: New Handmade Clothing,  Invitational

                           The American Craft Museum, New York, N.Y.

                           Demonstrated bomaki dyeing during “Meet the Artist Series”

                           Dyed Silk Scrolls, Solo Exhibition

                           Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Alto, CA

                           Hand-Dyed Silk Scrolls and Garments,  Solo Exhibition

                           Montalvo Center for the Arts, Saratoga, CA

                           Poetry for the Body, Clothing for the Spirit,  Invitational
                           Richmond Arts Center, Richmond, CALecture/Demo in Artist Lecture Series

                           Curated by Jo Ann Stabb


1982                  Hand-Dyed Silk ScrollsTwo Person Show

                           The Olive Hyde Gallery, Mission San Jose, CA



                          Textiles: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser, Thames and Hudson, 2012

                           Inside the Creative Studio by Cate Coulacos Prato, Interweave Press, 2011

                           STUDIOS by Cloth Paper Sissor,  Special Issue 2010 pg 58-64

                           Pioneering Quilt Artists, 1960-1980, A New Direction in American Art

                           Sandra Sider, 2010

                           500 Art Quilts, Lark Books, 2010

                           AmericanStyle: Feature Article, Organized Chaos2009

                           Art Quilt MastersSterling Press, 2008

                           Craft in AmericaJo Lauria and Steve Fenton, Clarkson Potter, 2007

                           Saturn Returns, Back to the Future of Fiber Art, 30th Anniversary Exhibition Catalogue, San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, 2007

                           Quilt National ’07, Lark Books, 2007

                           SilkMary Schoeser, Yale University press, 2007

                           The Surface Designer’s HandbookHolly Brackman, Interweave, 2006

                           Quilting Transformed,  Jacqueline M. Atkins, Kodansha, 2007

                           Artwear: Fashion and Anti-Fashion, Melissa Leventon, 2005

                           Quilt National ‘05,  Lark Books, 2005

                           Quilt National ‘03,  Lark Books, 2003

                           Quilt Visions 2002, Quilt San Diego/Quilt Visions,  2002

                           Memory on Cloth - Shibori Now,  Yoshiko I. Wada,  Kodansha, 2002

                           Quilt National ‘01,  Lark Books,  2001

                           Visions: Quilt San Diego Quilt San Diego, Rutledge Hill Press, 1998

                           The Art Quilt Robert Shaw, Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1997

                           Imagery on Fabric, Jean Ray Laury, C & T Publishing, 1997

                           The Kimono Inspiration : Art and Art to Wear in AmericaEd. Rebecca A. T. Stevens and Yoshiko I. Wada         

                            The Textile Museum,  Washington D. C., 1996   

                           Textile Dyeing, Kate Broughton, Rockport Press, 1995

                           Tassels Nancy Welch, Lark Books, 1992

                           “Surface Design Journal”, Shibori Issue, Summer, 1997

                           “Surface Design Journal”,  Informed Source, Fall, 2002            

                           “Ornament”,  Autumn,  1994

                           “Fiberarts”,  Gallery Article and Cover, 1986


Professional Involvement  

 (Selected)       President, Board of Directors:  Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) ’07-‘09

                           Board Member: Textile Arts Council, M.H. de Young Memorial   ‘02-‘06

                           Palo Alto Art Center Foundation Board Member, Chair, Community Outreach

                           Juror: Art Quilt Visions: 2008   

                           Juror: Quilt National: 2013

                           Panelist: SAQA’s Presidents Speak SAQA Annual Conference :2104

                           Panelist: Quilt Visions: The Sky’s the Limit Opening Weekend2014

                           Moderator: Balancing Act: The Art of Being an Artist, Quilt Vision 2010: Opening Events

                           Moderator: Panel Presentation, SAQA Then & Now, SAQA Art and Excellence Conference 2009

                           Moderator: Art and Excellence, Art Quilt Visions Opening Program 2008

                           Haiku and Collage, hands-on workshop

                           Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City, MI ‘08

                           The Haiku Landscape 

                           Textile Arts Council Lecture Series, De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA ‘06

                           Design with Heart Conference, Santa Fe, NM,  ‘06

                           Expanding Definitions - Use of Surface Design,  Three day workshop

                           Design with Heart Conference, Santa Fe, NM,  ‘04

                           Innovation and Tradition: Arashi-Shibori,  Lecture

                           Tansu Design, San Francisco, CA‘03

                           Contemporary Shibori – It’s a Wrap,  Lecture

                           Silk Painter’s Congress,  College Park, MD, ‘02

                           Contemporary Shibori,  Panel

                           Shibori Conference, In conjunction with MOCFA Shibori Exhibition

                           San Francisco, CA ‘02

                           Business Concerns of the Exhibiting Artist,  Panel

                           SAQA Conference, In conjunction with the opening of Quilt National ‘01

                           It’s a Wrap - A look at historical and contemporary Shibori,

                           Lecture in conjunction with ELEMENTS,  San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles ‘99

                           Inspiration: Finding and Keeping,  Lecture

                           Design with Heart Conference,  Monterey, CA ‘99



                           Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Textiles, 1979

                           San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA